I had been imagining a series of works expressing my perceptions of memory and the present for some time, but was only able to materialise the concept after a visit to Huangshan - one of the classical locations of Chinese art. For me the experience of being on the mountain was at once to be in awe at the landscape itself, at the masters of the Chinese landscape tradition, and to be overwhelmed by the limitations of representation. I had always assumed that the works of Chinese artists exaggerated the precipitousness and drama of the mountains, and I was blown over to realise that they in fact did the opposite - a humbling encounter staring into the precipice of microcosm and macrocosm.

Calming View of the Huangshan Mountains

SKU: 000026
  • Oil Ink on Paper

    Size of painting 58 H x 168 W x 2 cm

    Framed in oak wooden frame and ready to hung and enjoy!